Through IMN you can reach 230 million customers in Europe with a single registration.

International Marketplace Network is the unique european Marketplace Network that allows you to sell in Italy, Germany, France and Romania.

Only 39 EUR per month and first 3 months for free.

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We launched IMN with the aim of creating new sales opportunities in Europe. In the Network there are currently 80 million of active customers interested in your products

Leonardo Costa - Head of ePRICE Marketplace and IMN Chairman

How does it work?

Sign up on ePRICE and activate IMN

Register on ePRICE and upload your products, activate your IMN account and choose the Marketplaces on which you want to sell.

Set prices and shipping rules.

Define your conditions of sale for each selected target Marketplace.

Synchronize offers on other Marketplaces

Use the API keys of your ePRICE Shop to push your offers in local language on the other Marketplaces.

Manage orders and receive your payments

Manage international orders and shipments, get compensation net of commission.

First 3 months for free! - Are you already selling on eprice and do you want to sell abroad?
Contact us for further information.

Thanks to ePRICE now part of IMN, I have started to sell on the main european Marketplaces easily and quickly, my turnover is tripled.

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Are you ready to increase sales internationally?

New markets and 230 M of potential customers easily.

No additional monthly fee.

One single registration for all the IMN Marketplaces.

No technical connection required.

Automatic translation for all existing products on the target Marketplace.

Personalized assistance in English.

First 3 months for free! - Are you already a seller on Eprice?
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Discover the Network's Marketplaces

  • French Marketplace leader
  • 52 M products
  • 20 M unique visitors/month
  • Fulfillment services by Cdiscount
  • Rumenian Marketplace leader
  • 44 M views/month
  • 1° level Customer Service
  • Fulfillment services by eMAG
  • German Marketplace leader
  • 15 M products
  • 19 M unique visitors/month
  • Sponsored products service
  • Italian Marketplace leader
  • 8 M products
  • 4 M unique visitors/month
  • Pick&Pay logistic service

First 3 months for free! - Are you already selling on eprice and do you want to sell abroad?
Contact us for further information.


Is it possible that new Marketplaces will become part of the Network?
We are an open network and other Markeplaces will have the possibility to work with us.
Which costs are there?
You will keep on paying 10€ more on your ePRICE monthly fee. On the other IMN Marketplace you will not have fixed subscription costs, but only the costs related to commissions on sales, depending on the Marketplace.
Does IMN offer a logistics service?
At the moment we do not offer a shared logistics service but it is available for some Marketplaces of the network.
Where can I find API credentials?
Log in to your ePRICE Store and click on the username at the top right.
Does IMN offerts the translation of product data sheets?
At the moment IMN transmits offers and only acts as interface between different Marketplaces
If your top-selling 25 products are not present in any of the target Marketplace, contact us and we will find a solution to make sure that the product sheets are created through the support of a native speaker.

You want to start selling on through the IMN but still have some open questions about our marketplace
Please click here for our completed FAQs.

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