FAQ: International Marketplace Network (IMN) – eprice.it

You want to start selling on eprice.it through the International Marketplace Network (IMN) and still have some open questions about our marketplace eprice.it?
Please see our FAQs in the following.

Who is in charge of customer service on ePRICE?
"Sellers have to take care of Customer Service in Italian.
ePRICE is available to support you in case of problems with clients and if there is no agreement between the two parts. You can contact our Seller Support Team both in Italian and English at supporto.venditori@support.eprice.it
What are KPI related services I need to adhere to?
"Customer claims and tickets should be replied to withing 24 hours on working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays). compliance rate (% of Shipped on time, % of non fulfilled orders, avg feedback rate, % of claims)"
What kind of costs can I expect when opening an account on your marketplace?
The monthly fees on ePRICE amount to EUR 29, however sellers will only need to pay the monthly fees on their home marketplace. Besides, ePRICE charges a commission per sale. The commission depends on the category of the product.
Commissions range from 5.5% to 8%, a detailed overview of the commission according to the category is available here.
In addition you have to consider 1.5% (commission of the Payment Service Provider,; this cost includes fraud check and management too.
There are no additional fees for listing or cancellation fees.
A refunded amount is not generating any cost for the seller.
Do I need individual legal texts to sell on your marketplace?
Seller is subject to the General ePRICE Terms and Conditions and cannot mention his personal one, same for Return and Withdrawal Policy.
How can I create product data on your marketplace?
The content must be in Italian language, our product data team will translate the 25 top selling products selected by the seller. Besides .csv file upload, sellers can also submit their product data manually through the sellers back-end, use one of our software partners or integrate by API. Our team is available to support you with any catalog related issue.
What is the creation process?
All products need to have an EAN code, title, description, category name and at least one picture. Depending on the category, further attributes might be mandatory. For further questions about your product data and csv templates, please contact us at supporto.venditori@support.eprice.it.
What is your payout process?
In case your orders are shipped with tracking information, sales revenues will be released in the first payment cycle available after the product was delivered to the customer. Without tracking information, this takes 30 days after the unit was marked sent.
What is your return process for international merchants?
Returns can be handled directly in the seller back-end.
The return costs will be beared by the customer only in case of retractation and if the return address is in italy.
In all other cases, it will be beared by the seller.
A local return address is not mandatory but highly recommended.
What kind of marketing options do you offer?
As a seller you can book our sponsored product ads. Sponsored product ads allow you to promote your products on ePRICE to relevant and targeted customers. These ads are performance based – meaning that you don’t pay for impressions of the promotions(PPC). Costs only will be charged if a customer clicks on your advertisements and goes to your product detail page. As a seller you can set your bid which is the maximum you are willing to pay per click. You can bid on products (different bids for each product of the campaign) or on keywords (different bids on keywords).
What are your shipping requirements?
Sellers can set up their shipment settings individually, including the shipping costs and delivery times. They can either offer free shipment, or state the shipping costs seperately. Seller can set up shipping costs in the seller back-end. The delivery time can also be chosen freely, sellers only need to make sure that orders can be delivered within the time given.
What do I need to know about the invoicing process for merchants at your marketplace?
ePRICE commissions are billed every Monday and are available on the seller back office every Wednesday of every week.
What is the invoicing process towards end customers at your marketplace?
"The seller is responsible for sending the invoice to the customer - Invoices are mandatory upon customer request but it is highly recommended to send it to them in any case.
The invoice needs to be sent to the customer via the internal messaging service or as attachment in the order page."
Do I have to be registered with your local tax authority?
Seller business needs to be based in an EU member state and has to have a VAT registered in one of the EU member state.
How does your ticketing process work?
Seller can communicate with the customer through the messagging service available in the seller back-end. Customer service must be in Italian (at least in written form). Any customer request (ticket or return) should be processed within 48 hrs on working days and you cannot communicate with the customer outside ePRICE platform.
Are there any legal restrictions on your marketplaces?
There are certain categories that are blacklisted on ePRICE for legal reasons and cannot be sold.
You can see ePRICE banned products' categories at this link. Orders can be revoked within 14 days after delivery.
What services do you offer?
ePRICE offers Sponsored Product Service, free tools to manage tracking number and click&collect point (though this service is currently avaialble only for merchants registered with an italian VAT number). At the moment ePRICE doesn't offer fulfillment service but of course we will keep our sellers posted on any developments.
What can I use my API credentials for?
You generate your API access data in your ePRICE merchant account by clicking on your username in the upper right > API keys. You can use the API access data multiple times. For an overview of the functionality and to get the API documentation you can contact us at supporto.venditori@support.eprice.it
How can I contact you in case of any questions?
Our seller support is available in Italian and English. For further questions, please contact us at supporto.venditori@support.eprice.it
How is your cancellation process?
In case you want to close your ePRICE account, please send your cancellation to our marketplace send an email to our support team: supporto.venditori@support.eprice.it.
The account can be deleted at any time. Besides, there's no minimum contract period.
What kind of reporting is available on your marketplace?
All sellers can download a recap of orders available in their back-office.
Moreover, the homepage of the Seller's Shop provides a dashboard with statistics.

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