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  • More than 8 million references in our catalogue
  • 4 million Italians ready to buy from you
  • Lower commissions compared to our main competitors
  • No cost per click or listing fees
  • A dedicated team of experts ready to provide assistance
  • Raise your visibility trought our sponsored products program
Start Selling

How to start selling on ePrice

1. Register your Seller Account

What do you need to complete the registration?

  • Chamber of Commerce Company registration (Kbis extract)
  • Signed Articles of Association indicating the division of powers
  • Bank account details and credit card
  • Legal representative’s Identification Document (ID Card)
  • Contact information

2. Upload your inventory

Uploading your inventory has never been this easy:

  • Select the EAN (bar code) of the product you want to sell
  • Create your offer by inserting price, quantity and shipping time
  • Publish your offer

3. Manage orders and deliver products

Manage your orders:

  • Elaborate the order
  • Prepare the product for shipment
  • Ship the goods and provide the tracking number to the customer

4. Receive your payment

Receive the payments:

  • Receive your payments every week directly on your bank account.

The benefits you get selling on ePRICE Marketplace

  • Visibility: thousands of users registered who can find your brand and products easily
  • Reliability: 17 years of consolidated experience in the e-commerce field
  • Security: efficient systems of payment and fraud protection for you and your costumers
  • Thrift: commissions on payments lower than the other marketplaces, no costs or constraint on the denouement of the contract
  • Assistence: efficent seller support system with a dedicated team

Pick&Pay logistic services

possibility to offer the buyer to pick up their orders by one of the Pick&Pays that ePRICE handles on national Italian territory
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simple, intuitive and integrable shop management, with your firm management systems.
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ePRICE Marketplace costs and fees

3 months, FREE of charge, without any constraint than you will pay!

€ 29.00 (excl.VAT) a month excluding per-item selling fees.*

Selling fees from 5% to 8% depending on product category.
Pricing details.
How are commissions calculated? Selling price VAT included +forwarding charges) per category commission percentage.

No duration obligation and no cost in case of termination of the contract.

Start Selling

*This promo is valid only for the fixed monthly fee, it doesn’t cover fee on sales


What is the Marketplace?
The Marketplace is a virtual place ePRICE offers to professional sellers in order to present and sell their products.
How can I sign up?
Click on the button "Sell on the Marketplace" or signup here:
To proceed you need to upload the following documents: ID Card of the legal representative, Kbis extract, Signed articles of association with the division of powers, Bank account details (“RIB”/IBAN) or Account statement; fill in the form and follow the instructions to complete your registration.
View and download the contract.
For more information please send an email to the following address:
Which management tools I have?
Your shop will be managed by a unique and simple dedicated platform, where you will be able to handle offers, products, orders and messages. Moreover, you will have the possibility to run your selling statistics, useful to supervise the progress of your activity and increase your sales. You will have access to dedicated features that will allow you to integrate your managing systems and automate the shop management. Do not hesitate to contact us!
How can I upload products/offers?
You will be able to upload your products/offers using the our web interface or with automatic procedures. You can find all the information and instructions in your reserved area and in the user guide you received after the registration.
Are there items that I can’t sell?
On ePRICE, you will be able to sell a big variety of products, except for those inside the list of non-allowed products or in categories not yet launched on ePRICE.
Can I integrate the service with my website?
Yes. With our platform you will be able to integrate your catalogue through API, plug-ins or EAN codes in order to manage sales and shipments easily, without wasting time. Take a look at the listing of integrated platforms!
How much does it cost to sell on ePRICE?
ePRICE requires its seller a subscription fee of €29.00 (excl. VAT). Uploading offers or creating new products in ePRICE catalogue is for free! You will pay a commission from 5% to 8% on transactions only, depending on the product category.
How do payments take place?
A dedicated payment service will take care of the collection of the paid amounts in a safe way. You will receive the due amounts, related to the completed transactions, on your bank account directly.
How can I assure my shop a good visibility on ePRICE Marketplace?
In the Marketplace all the sellers can benefit of the same opportunities and follow the same rules: high quality products and satisfied clients will be the measure of your success. Parameters like the ability to manage orders, the assistance you give to your customers or the deliveries quality will define the level of your customer satisfaction. Hence, the better your performance, the better your reliability on the platform and therefore your visibility.
Who can I contact if I need help or information about the platform?
A dedicated team of ePRICE experts will always be ready to help you and will answer you within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us any time you need assistance.
Can I contact ePRICE in case of issues with the costumers?
Of course. You can count on us even in case of incomprehension and difficult situations to solve: our protection program looks after the rights of our customers, without affecting yours. Contact us whether you need more information about this program.
If I don’t want to sell on ePRICE any more, what do I do?
You will be able to cancel your subscription any time you would like to, without any duration obligation. Please take in account that, in any case, for any problem, you can contact us and we will help you to solve any issues.

Programma di Protezione Clienti

ePRICE non è direttamente responsabile del comportamento dei venditori del Marketplace, ma il contratto stipulato in fase di iscrizione contiene obblighi e diritti, che tutelano in ogni momento il consumatore finale.

Qualora insorgessero difficoltà con un Venditore del Marketplace ePRICE ha messo a punto il Programma di Protezione Clienti.

Il Programma di Protezione Clienti ti protegge nei seguenti casi:

  1. Prodotto non ricevuto
  2. Ricezione di prodotti errati/difettosi/danneggiati
  3. Problemi relativi al reso o al rimborso

Ecco come fare per usufruirne:

Se non hai ricevuto il prodotto:

  1. Utilizza la funzione "Contatta il Venditore" all'interno del dettaglio ordine. Se il problema non si risolve e non ricevi il rimborso puoi usufruire gratuitamente del Programma di Protezione Clienti
  2. Per farlo, utilizza la funzione "Invia un reclamo", sempre presente all'interno del dettaglio ordine
  3. Un addetto del Programma di Protezione Clienti provvederà a richiedere maggiori informazioni al venditore per aiutarti in una veloce risoluzione del problema.

Se hai ricevuto prodotti errati/difettosi/danneggiati o hai problemi con un reso/rimborso:

  1. Assicurati di aver contattato prima il Venditore utilizzando la funzione "Richiedi Reso" all'interno del dettaglio ordine.
  2. Rispondi ad eventuali domande del venditore direttamente tramite la messaggistica sull'ordine e se necessario segui le relative istruzioni
  3. Se il problema non si è risolto, oppure non hai ricevuto il rimborso, puoi usufruire gratuitamente del Programma di Protezione Clienti
  4. Per farlo, utilizza la funzione "Invia un reclamo", sempre presente all'interno del dettaglio ordine
  5. Un addetto del Programma di Protezione Clienti provvederà a richiedere maggiori informazioni al venditore per aiutarti in una veloce risoluzione del problema.

Ricorda che il Programma non è indicato per l'esercizio del Diritto di recesso. Se intendi restituire un prodotto sei tenuto a informare il venditore della tua decisione entro 14 giorni dalla consegna della merce tramite una dichiarazione esplicita (ad esempio lettera inviata per posta, fax o posta elettronica) oppure puoi utilizzare la funzione Richiedi reso, disponibile nella pagina di dettaglio ordine nella tua Area Personale, scegliendo come motivazione Diritto di recesso.

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